Filet Mignon

Acabonac Farms

$28.00 / piece
Local & Frozen

Approx. 6 oz. per piece

Sold frozen

“If you’re going to eat steak, sometimes you want the best. Filet mignon has the reputation as the classiest of all classy steaks, and for good reason. At Acabonac Farms, you get a filet mignon cut unlike any you’ve had

Taken from the tenderloin, filet mignon is lean but flavorful. It’s the perfect cut for an elegant dinner, with a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture and a mild beef taste. Soft and thick, it’s considered one of the premium cuts of beef.

It’s also versatile. You can sear, grill or broil it. The mild taste means it can be complemented with sauces and butters. Filet mignon is one of the things in life that is as good as advertised.

At Acabonac Farms, our filet mignon comes from 100% grass-fed, pasture finished beef. Our cattle live peacefully, roaming pastures on Long Island near the ocean. They are not given hormones or antibiotics. “


Additional information

Weight 1.00000000 oz
Dimensions 34.0000 × 34.0000 × 34.0000 in

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