Costata Romanesco Squash

Balsam Farms

$4.25 / lb

Naturally grown  

Approx. 2-3 pcs per pound

Costata Romanesco is known for its exceptional flavor, firm texture, and distinctive outer skin. Its body is lined lengthwise with dark and light green stripes. Like many summer squash varieties, the skin of Costata Romanesco squash is delicate enough to consume. It consistently offers an exquisite summer squash texture and flavor with nut-like notes and a lingering sweet taste. As they have a lower water content than regular zucchini/squash, they hold up excellently when grilled, but can also be enjoyed raw!

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Additional information

Weight 1.00000000 oz
Dimensions 3.5000 × 3.5000 × 3.5000 in

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